Saturday, November 12, 2016

IDM UltraCompare Portable

    Compare 2 or 3 files at a time
    Merge differences
    Filter compare view to show just matches or differences
    Table compare (Excel, CSV)
    Ignore whitespace, line endings, specific lines, and more
    Manually set text compare starting point
    Edit text files as you compare them
    Paste and compare text snippets
    Preview HTML files in browser
    Compare files from the Internet via URL
    Compare files and folders from FTP/SFTP
    Scan and navigate differences with mini-map

    Compare Word Docs (.doc/.docx), PDFs, and RTFs
    Compare archive files (.zip, .jar, .rar)
    Sync folders quickly and easily
    Find and resolve duplicate files
    Save and reuse your most used comparisons with sessions
    Drag-and-drop folders and files to compare them
    Integrate with Windows explorer
    Integrate with Subversion, CVS, Visual SourceSafe, Perforce, and more
    Change application and compare colors with themes
    Show compare vertically or horizontally
    Save difference and result reports


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  1. thank you so much brother,
    but is it just me or if you switch to "toolbar/Menu mode" by clicking on the "customize quickaccess toolbar" button on the top left corner, "BCGWorkspace" registry key is still there.

    1. "BCGWorkspace" refuses to follow the rules, I'll try a custom.nsh to get rid of it.

    2. I can't see where "toolbar/Menu mode" is.

    3. I was looking at UEStudio, not UltraCompare. I've already fixed it, will compile and upload.