Saturday, June 24, 2017

USB Safely Remove Portable

Safely remove a device via the convenient menu or a hotkey, remove unneeded devices from the menu, setup icons or names for the devices. Besides even if you stop a device accidentally you can return it in a click.

Even if the device cannot be safely removed the program will show you locking processes and allow you to forcibly stop it so that you avoid incorrect removal of the device. Besides the program can power off the devices in Windows Vista\7.


Driver never used to start. Thanks to demon.devin for the fix.


  1. Could you please make a portable Zentimo?
    Your portable apps are the best. Thank you very much for your work :)

    1. I'm not making new apps ATM, sorry.

    2. Hi Dave
      By writing apps, I had in mind Zentimo for Windows
      I not expressed precisely by writing apps. Sorry


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