Saturday, January 7, 2017

Slimjet Portable

While Google Chrome is fast and reliable, it may not be as customizable as you would like. On the other hand, Slimjet will make you more productive by opening your desired websites quickly and allow you to perform different things.

Slimjet incorporates various features that allow you to do more things faster without installing many plugins. It also includes many options that allow you to customize its behavior and appearance as you want. In addition, you can use all the add-ons created for Chrome because both browsers use Blink engine.

High performance blink engine
- Faster browser startup, faster page loading, highly responsive UI powered by industry-leading Blink engine.
Unsurpassed level of integration
- Loaded with powerful features & flexible options, Slimjet does more for every user without relying on external plugins.
Multiple layers of protection
- Automatic protection against phishing and malware, advanced privacy control options, robust sandboxed multi-process architecture.


32bit version will run on a 64bit system.

32-bit Slimjet is recommended for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
If you want to go 64-bit, it's at the cost of more memory usage.

More Info:

Combined Installer


  1. Thanks. Could you please tell us how this is better than the homepage portable ?

    1. 1. You can choose 32-bit and/or 64-bit version of browser
      2. Profile data is stored in Data folder. Easy to backup, easy to delete if you want to reset Slimjet to defaults.
      3. My portable Launcher cleans up a lot of leftover entries in the registry.
      4. This portable has support for the portable versions of Flash, Silverlight, Java and Unity.
      5. By default, this portable will not ask you to make Slimjet your default browser.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I installed the 32bit option only but can't get it to run.

    When I double click SlimjetPortable I get an alert that says 'Error: App\Slimjet64\slimjet.exe could not be found.'

    I don't expect it to look for the 64bit .exe if I only installed 32bit so what am I doing wrong please?


    1. I could be mistaken but I think I need to recompile the Launcher. It was coded for my old installer which didn't have a menu to choose 32-bit and/or 64-bit.

      Since you are running a 64-bit operating system, the Launcher is told to look for the 64-bit version of Slimjet. You can use this installer if you only want 32-bit version.

      Dave Green will have to assist me in determining the correct way to fix the issue you're having. But that link I posted is a temporary solution. The new Launcher will only look for the Slimjet folder and will ignore Slimjet64 folder (if it exists)

  3. Thanks Dave it's working now.

    I've been looking for a portable that doesn't write to the registry (Slimjets own portable does) and yours looks to be a good one.

    Thanks ever so much!

  4. Dave,

    I just tried to update to 32bit with your latest installer but I'm still getting this 'looking for 64bit problem' that I reported on the 4th August.

    Did you fix your installer as if you did it's still not working (for me anyway.)

    Are you able to again point me towards a link for a 32bit only version of please??

    The reasons I don't like the 64 bit version is that runs quite slow on my system and uses much more in the way of resources.

    The 32bit offering is hell fast for me.



    1. Go to SlimjetPortable.ini in the Launcher folder, remove ProgramExecutable64=Slimjet64\Slimjet.exe and save.

    2. I posted separate 32-bit/64-bit installers just in case.

  5. Ok, I did the Edit to the Slimportable.ini and now it works fine.

    So it looks like you still need to do a little work to get that installer working properly.

    Anyway I'm up and running.

    Cheers Dave.

  6. PocketAppZ

    Please make a portable version of ICQ 7.7 Build 6082 + Banner Remover!

    Thank you !

    Сделайте пожалуйста портативную версию ICQ 7.7 Build 6082 + Banner Remover !