Saturday, April 29, 2017

Process Lasso Pro Portable

Process Lasso is a tool designed to manage and edit how your processes and services run.

It offers a robust list of capabilities including default process priorities and affinities, termination of disallowed processes, instance count limits, a system responsiveness graph, logging of processes, keep select processes running (auto-restart), and much more.
  • ProBalance dynamic priority optimization
  • Persistent (sticky) priorities and CPU affinities
  • Instance count limits
  • Disallowed processes
  • Keep processes running (auto-restart)
  • Unique system responsiveness graph
  • Prevent PC sleep for designated processes
  • Differentiate between svchost.exe instances
  • Extremely low resource use
  • Stand-alone process management engine (uses as little as 1MB of RAM)
  • Event logging

32bit version can be installed and used on 64bit systems.

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  1. Hi Dave, is not very important but I installed both versions (32-64) and, when I change the language from the application (Options/General Settings/Change Language in Use/Italian), it closes but some processes remain in execution (in Win 7 x64, ProcessGovernor.exe, ProcessLasso.exe and, obviously, ProcessLassoPortable.exe), I must manually terminate them, before to restart the application.

    To obtain the italian language, before first start, I modified a value in the following files



    40,1f,00,00 means italian

    00,00,00,00 means english

    1. I tried the installed version today, the same thing happens. The problem is with ProcessLasso, not the portable.

  2. leaves behind HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ProcessLasso

    1. You're right, it didn't happen on older versions.

      I've just spent an hour trying to get rid of it, no luck so far.

  3. Can u upload the last version that did work? I'd like to examine it.

    1. I was wrong the older versions leave the same.

  4. " Now Stealth, see comments below."

    HKLM key still left behind. :\

  5. Ignore my above comment, it runs fine now. But only 64-bit. 32bit install doesn't work for me. Gives error:

    "ProcessLasso Portable cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: App\ProcessLasso64\ProcessLassoLauncher.exe could not be found)"


  6. 32bit only install still doesn't work. Is it just me?

    1. It won't work on a 64bit system, why do you want 32bit?

    2. I was testing ur portable. I always do that to make sure it works properly.

      BTW, x32 PL does work on 64bit systems, don't know why u think otherwise; I just ran 32bit PL on my system and it works. It's not all that important to me (if 64bit portable works) but just letting u know.

      x32 official portable:

    3. I know it works, the installer stops it working as per the error in your earlier post-App\ProcessLasso64\ProcessLassoLauncher.exe could not be found. If you remove ProgramExecutable64=ProcessLasso64\ProcessLassoLauncher.exe from the Launcher.ini, it will work.

    4. Try this, you'll have to run as administrator:

  7. Replies
    1. New ''shoutbox'' > Click on 'Connect' in the [Discord] box
      at top right of this page. Then sign up.
      I only figured it out yesterday.


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