Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wise Program Uninstaller Portable

If you want to restore the snappy performance of your computer, then you need to remove process-hogging and other bloated programs that you do not really need. Unfortunately, the native Windows uninstaller tends to leave some leftovers that still affect performance. Wise Program Uninstaller is a free program uninstaller that will help you remove programs completely and easily, including the stubborn ones.

Thorough Program Removal:
Wise Program Uninstaller can use force uninstall to remove broken and stubborn programs. It uses an advanced program search algorithm to find leftovers that remain after uninstalling programs so they can be removed.

Using Different Methods:
This free program uninstaller can use the safe uninstall that the native uninstaller uses to remove programs normally. However, when it becomes difficult to uninstall some programs using this method, it uses forced uninstall to remove the stubborn programs.

Repairing Programs:
In spite of its name, Wise Program Uninstaller does not only help in uninstalling programs. You can also use it to repair some programs you want but do not function properly. Some of the programs you can repair include Adobe and Office.

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