Friday, November 11, 2016

UltraEdit Portable

UltraEdit is the world's de facto standard text editor. Used as the go-to editor by programmers, professional developers, researchers, bloggers, web developers, IT professionals and everyone in between! No matter what the job requires - from basic editing to full scale project development or heavy data mining – millions trust UltraEdit as their daily computing solution.
  • Key text editing features 
  • Programmer's features 
  • Database handling features 
  • File management features 
  • Printing features 
  • Text editing features (HTML, CSS, etc.) 
  • Search and replace features 
  • Project/workspace features 
  • Editor display and customization features 
  • Formatting features (text, XML, etc.) 
  • Column/block editing features 
  • Macro and scripting features 
  • Advanced configurable features 
  • Window management features 
  • Help and support features 
  • Additional features 
  • UltraEdit has Hex editor features 

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