Monday, November 28, 2016

Any Video Converter Ultimate Portable

30X Faster, NVIDIA NVENC Transcoding Acceleration, 4K UHD Video Conversion, Higher Quality

    ✔ Record video & legally remove DRM protection
    ✔ Download videos and music from YouTube and 100+ sites in batch
    ✔ Convert DVDs & CDs & videos to 200+ formats for various devices
    ✔ Burn any video to blank DVD disc to create DVDs
    ✔ Edit video clips with cut, crop, and special effects


- Got rid of the nag on opening to update engine.
- Nothing left behind in Documents now.
- If needed, the Keygen is in the Other folder.
New link, mediafire keeps blocking it.

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  1. thanks dave for doing this. Upon launching I get this popup: "A new version of download enine is available..." is it ok to update to preserve being stealth?

    1. Thanks Dave. After first launch it went ok. But after second run, another nag "check for updates automatically" came out. I clicked cancel. I then checked user/AppData/Roaming, it created trash folder AnvSoft/Any Video Converter Ultimate with 3 files inside. I then tested to input my own reg details using keygen, it added another folder at user/AppData/Roaming/AnvSoft called Any Video Converter Ultimate.BackupByAnyVideoConverterUltimatePortable with the same 3 files inside Any Video Converter Ultimate folder. the 3 files are: avc.log; history_v3.db; and, yt_ver.ini.

    2. Did you exit the program before checking User/AppData/Roaming?

    3. Yes. I've just tested v.5.9.7 and as usual it left trash in User/AppData/Roaming. In addition it creates Any Video Converter Ultimate folder in ThisPC/Documents. Nonetheless, your portable Dave is much better than PortableAppZ. Thanks for updating and improving your portables.

    4. I missed the Documents debri as my Documents folder is on another drive, fixed in Rev1 which I'll upload later.
      "Any Video Converter Ultimate.BackupByAnyVideoConverterUltimatePortable" was created previously by an improper shutdown of the portable, it won't go away by running the portable again.
      It's important to clean all the rubbish up manually before testing again.
      Now I see why you have so many problems with portables leaving rubbish behind, they can't clean up what's already there.

  2. Tested on a video file and compared with freemake video converter (Baltagy). The winner is freemake video converter because :
    1) automatically recognizes the video format and audio input, also proposed for the output conversion
    2) conversion speed
    3) the final quality of the conversion
    I remember FukenGruven did not want portabilize it (difficult, dirty and poorly programmed). Yes but a very good soft.

    1. Where you able to successfully input the Gold Pack and Subtitle Pack serials in Baltagy's freemake portable? All keys that he supplied for me are blacklisted even when I blocked the app with firewall (v. Besides his portable leaves a lot of trash all over. For me AVCU is second to Hanbrake in converting video files.

  3. Thanks, Dave.
    Thanks for the comments, pir2pir.

  4. why v.6.0.0 mediafire link says "Dangerous File Blocked"?